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Wildfire continues to threaten people and property across Utah. Rapid population growth into Wildland Urban Interface areas and increasing effects of long term drought and increased fuel loading conditions represent major concerns moving forward into the future. Heightened awareness of wildfire threat, prevention and mitigation are becoming increasingly important to ensure safety. The Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal is the primary mechanism for Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands to deploy wildfire risk information and create awareness about wildfire issues across the state. It is comprised of a suite of applications tailored to support specific workflow and information requirements for the public, local community groups, private landowners, government officials, hazard-mitigation planners, and wildland fire managers. Collectively these applications will provide the baseline information needed to support mitigation and prevention efforts across the state.

Wildfire risk and threat data layers were developed as part of the West Wide Wildfire Assessment covering the seventeen Western States. Assessment data for Utah State was clipped from this larger data set for use within Utah. The Oregon Department of Forestry completed this assessment on behalf of the Council of Western State Foresters with funding from the USDA Forest Service. Anyone quoting from this material is asked to credit the Oregon Department of Forestry.